By My Side: The Service Dog Mystique

A documentary film featuring
Dr. Ian Dunbar and Temple Grandin
with original music by Wendy Francisco.

The film will focus on positive reinforcement training and
shows how this method makes the best possible working dog,
and the ultimate relationship between the dog and the disabled partner.

Narrated by Dr. Dunbar, this upbeat view of the service dog
world gives us an important look into how dogs are positively
stimulated by their training to serve the needs of their disabled
partners. It also shows how puppies are selected for
characteristics that are carefully bred in as well as for individual
personalities that make them a cut above and thus suitable for
service dog work. Temple Grandin discusses the needs of the
disabled community for these very special dogs. Ultimately we
meet disabled individuals who have been partnered with
positively trained service dogs, and hear their incredible stories.
Temple Grandin is well recognized as an acclaimed scientist and
animal advocate who's own affliction with autism has given her an
amazing ability to understand how animals think. Dr. Ian Dunbar
is internationally respected as the founder of positive reinforcement
training, and has revolutionized the field of dog training in every
aspect.  Both have authored numbers of books on the subject of
dogs and animals,  and are considered experts in the field.

Wendy Francisco is perhaps best known for her internationally acclaimed "God and Dog" which began as a song,
then a video, and ultimately a book. Her original music adds a poignancy to this film which clearly emanates straight from her heart.

Also on our team is emmy award winning television producer and service dog advocate Geraldine Clarke; and
documentary film festival award winning producer and service dog partner and trainer, Terry Thistlethwaite.

We are extremely excited about this project, and honored to be working with such accredited, insightful, and
enthusiastic professionals.
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