Around The Village
The residents of Kalico Village are multi talented and
have a huge diversity in interests, expertise, business
types, and accomplishments.  We will be showcasing
many Village residents and very often their websites,
stores, and shops for your information and enjoyment
right here.  As new residents move in, we will be
introducing them to you on a regular basis.  Enjoy!
We're very excited  to introduce our newest Village
resident,  Megan Simons!  Megan is a professional
pet groomer who's mottos is "Caring for our
critters Naturally, Safely, Always!"
Megan's products are of the highest caliber, and
we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to
discover them right here in the Village square.

Just click on this link to explore her web site, and 
be sure to come back and tell us how you like it!

My Herbal Critter Care

Welcome Megan to Kalico Village! We'll have a
BLOG interview with Megan up soon!
Our Village design shop
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Thank You
for joining us!
We're very happy to announce that Village resident
Richard Lester is enjoying huge success with his
just released biography,

A Wish Beyond The Stars;
The Johnny Martino Story

We are thrilled for Richard that the book is doing
so well!  Look for Terry's interview with him on our
BLOG page. You can purchase your own copy of
his book through  The Village Store.

True humanitarians and genuinely good folks, we're
happy to count them both among our friends
and residents of Kalico Village!

Megan tells us;

"Understanding the potential for herbs to smell pleasant and help with a problem simultaneously,
I developed a 'perfume' for flea and tick control, for
arthritis, and for anxiety/stress relief. They all work
great and now I have started marketing them."
We got to know Richard and his son, Gary, a few
years ago when we all worked together on the award
winning short documentary film,
The Weatherwax Legacy.
Internationally acclaimed film makers, Richard and
Gary are probably best known for their world renouned work,
  Safe Haven; The Warsaw Zoo
which features in depth interviews with holocaust
Richard Lester with Bob Weatherwax
at the Asheville, NC Film Festival
where The Weatherwax Legacy
received multiple nominations