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While dogs are primarily considered pets these days, their
purpose even in that capacity cannot be minimized.  The
pet dog is a true companion and therapy animal for scores
of elderly people, shut-ins, disabled individuals, special
needs children, and individuals and families of every
description.  The idea of a dog being "just a pet" is as fully
inaccurate as the idea of the head of a family being "just
the breadwinner".   Pet dogs serve a role that is very
necessary to people, and very typically they create for
themselves jobs to do in addition. Working dogs most often
serve the additional role of pet, regardless of their primary
job description.

On a small family homestead or backyard farm, Guardian
Flock Dogs are very often put in charge of protecting the
property and resident livestock from predators.  Some of the
more versatile herding breeds, such as Collies and Shelties
can also be utilized for this task when the area wildlife is
less than formidable (you wouldn't send even several
Shelties out to ward off a bear, for example, but one can
handily keep the local feral cats away from your chicken
yard).  Their ability to herd your ducks and small goats
back into their pens when needed is an additional
advantage of these breeds.  Small family farm dogs of the
past are the ancestors of many breeds we have today
which are not generally considered working breeds, but
are still quite capable nonetheless.  The American Eskimo
Dog, for example, derives from such stock, and is still noted
by many owners and breeders as a great little herding dog,
guardian, watchdog, varmint eradicator, and non allergenic
cuddler to boot!

When choosing a breed of dog, it is always best to consider
your needs and circumstances far above the cuteness factor
we all tend to succumb to.  For the best and most permanent
match, some extensive research on the breed cannot be
over emphasized.  Once you've made a choice, consider
too that many individual breeders concentrate on producing
dogs with particularly strong working ability and instincts,
and most can direct you to the selection of the best
individual for your needs.

You will find a plethora of canine knowledge here at
Kalico Village, and we intend to be expanding this section
on a very regular basis.  Bring us your doggy questions
and concerns, as well as your suggestions for articles and
types of products you would like to see featured.  We're
always happy to talk dogs! 
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