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The Duck Who Came Knocking
Welcome to the Kalico Village Poultry Section!
For many hundreds of years, people throughout the
world and from all walks of life and all manner of
property types have kept poultry.  While having
fresh, homegrown eggs is the primary purpose for
this arrangement, feather and down harvesting,
economical meat production, and the sheer
enjoyment of having backyard birds are also popular
reasons for keeping and raising poultry. 

Most of us who grew up in urban and suburban
environments well remember childhood visits to a
local store where baby chicks were on display as
a sure sign of the arrival of spring.  We all begged
our parents for the acquisition of a downy bundle,
and occasionally, some of us were rewarded with
a new chirping pet or two.  In my neighborhood,
all of those supposedly straight run birds eventually
proved to be roosters and by the following spring
we had the crowingist neighborhood in suburbia! 

Today a springtime visit to the local feed store will
bring those same childhood memories quickly back
to mind.  If you're now a parent or grandparent, no
doubt the children at your side will be asking just as
enthusiastically as you did to bring home some of
those happy chirping bundles.  Whether it's chicks,
ducks, geese or guinea fowl, you'll want to be prepared for these wondrous new arrivals.  If, on
the other hand, you've become a seasoned expert at
poultry raising, you'll want reliable resources for new
information and quality products.  Either way, we're
here to help.

As you know, Kalico Village is a brand new site, but
we're moving in here as fast as we can!  All of the
notations above will soon be active links to all of the
resources, information, and poultry stories you will
want and need.  Bookmark this page and come
back soon!  We look forward to seeing you back
in the Village!