Raising Livestock

Backyard and small family farm livestock are gaining
popularity throughout neighborhoods and even urban
areas today.  With the pressures of a changing
economy, concerns over continued availability of
animal agriculture, and a growing awareness of the
importance of livestock in the ecology of even the
smallest sized homestead, people everywhere are
once again beginning to house various types of these
helpful and engaging creatures on their property.
The breeds and types of livestock that can be utilized
in a backyard situation are actually far more
numerous than we might expect at first consideration.

The original Jersey cow, for example, is a heritage breed now referred to as the Miniature Jersey since
the bred-larger variety has become more established
in large and commercial operations.  This original
ancestor of today's bigger milk cow is just the right
size for the small homestead, and typically gives
enough milk for a large family on a daily basis. 
For those with the smallest facilities who still want
fresh milk from their own backyard there is the
Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat.  These pint sized milkers
will do just fine in a space no larger than the average
living room, and still deliver the sweetest milk of any
dairy animal. 

Goats of every breed and type are particularly
popular with small and urban livestock owners,
and can be selected for milk, meat, and even fiber. 
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Another fiber animal that can easily be kept on fairly
minimal property is the Alpaca.  A small but sturdy
little pack animal, the Alpaca has a wonderful wool
for spinning and making all sorts of highly saleable
garments and novelties.  Add to that a baby doll face
and endearing personality and it's easy to see why
the Alpaca's popularity has grown steadily since his
fairly recent introduction into our backyard livestock

Horses, of course, will always have their place in our
hearts and on our farms, and for the small backyard
operation, a full size or maybe miniature horse or two
may well be included.  Along with them, both full size
and miniature donkeys and mules are enjoyed by
many homesteaders for fancy as well as for work
and weekend competition events.  As with many
other animals, you may well be surprised to learn
just how many breeds and varieties are out there. 

Selecting and maintaining livestock animals for your
own homestead or self sustaining property can be
both fun and educational.  We will be adding links
and articles on a regular basis to help guide you
through this ongoing process.  Feel free to email us
with your questions or suggestions and we will do
our best to help accomodate you and all of your
livestock animals.    
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